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I am excited that you are on your new journey to create the life of your dreams.

We’ll come together as I help guide you with the tools you need to bring yourself into a space of self-love and acceptance by manifesting abundance in all areas of your life.

I’m Julie Latcham – women’s wellness advocate, yoga instructor, personal trainer, medical intuitive, Lightworker practitioner and a lover of dōTERRA essential oils, crystals and oracle cards. I am also a psychic medium and would love to do a psychic reading for you.

I am a wife, mother of 2 young adults and am passionate about life, happiness, people, animals, the ocean, music, dancing, movies, art, yoga, crystals, meditation, spirituality and anything adventurous new and exciting.

I Love

Helping people, animals and the planet.

I am an earth angel living a human experience here on earth and will do anything to make each day amazing and a blessing for the short time we are here. So let’s make each day joyful, and happy while igniting your soul and passion again.

It is my goal and dream to help people see their potential and live their dreams.

Anyone can do this, yes even you!

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