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Hi, I am Julie (Jules) and I am excited to be facilitating Retreats again within Australia and Globally, and I would love you to join me and find "Your Potion For Life". 


Cabarita NSW Retreat December 2023! Go to the retreat page to find out more! 


I am the founder/ owner of Elixir For Life, my business passion that I started on 01st July 2015. 

I take after my late Grandma, Maureen Chesher and have her psychic medium ability to channel, connect and receive messages from spirit guides, guardian angels and passed over loved ones. 

I have had this ability since a young child and never used it, until one day Grandma asked me to do psychic readings at her church, The Redcliffe Peninsula Spiritualist Church. She was the Reverend. I did them to raise money for the church, and once I saw how much these readings could positively help peoples lives, I decided to start doing them. The rest is history. 

I left my job working at a Special School (that I loved) and studied Yoga through My Health Yoga, learnt how to Meditate, studied to be a Personal Trainer through The College of Health and Fitness, became a Medical Intuition Practitioner through Millennium Education, and started doing Psychic Readings. I love using natural products, such as aromatherapy and flower essences

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