Business Psychic Reading (Online or In-Person)

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Business Psychic Reading (Online or In-Person)


Business psychic reading appointments take 1 hour.

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I have been doing psychic readings for years now but in recent years a lot of my readings have also naturally unfolded to giving clients a lot of information direction guidance & messages about their business!

I couldnโ€™t ignore this anymore, the guidance from spirit & your past over loved ones is far too strong & some of the business messages I have been delivering to clients has been life changing for their businesses literally saving them thousands in heartache,ย worry, procrastination, overthinking & possibly making wrong decisions for their business!

If you have been feeling stuck, not sure what direction to go, then put your mind at ease & book a business psychic reading with me & letโ€™s get you on the right track!

I could tell you shit that might take you 3 years to work out you should be doing now! You can write off anything you spend on your business to tax, so take action & get control now & see the rewards start to unfold.

Can’t wait to connect with you.

Whether you wish to have your reading conducted in person or remotely, Julie makes the same connections either way. There is no difference to her, other than what is more convenient for you.

All readings must be paid in advance to confirm an appointment.

Important Information

If you choose to have your appointment conducted in-person, Julie will provide the location after your booking has been made. She is located in the Newport area of Queensland, Australia.

If you choose to have your appointment conducted online, Julie will provide your appointment online via the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. You will receive instructions to your email after your booking is made, outlining how to connect at your booking time. Please ensure you log in 10-15 minutes before your appointment.

No refunds can be provided if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of a booking. However, at the discretion of Elixir For Life, you may request for your booking to be rescheduled in the event of an unavoidable, emergency situation.