Did you know that being creative allows you to open the flood gates to your inner hidden talents?

It gives you opportunities you never thought you’d have………

It allows you to try things you normally wouldn’t for example Art Class, Yoga, Cooking classes, Karaoke, Sky diving, visit a Museum, Volunteering, Scuba diving, Dancing, Drama School, New job,  Joining a team or club, Card games, getting a psychic reading, writing, ice skating, joining Doterra Essential Oils with me… The list goes on.

Imagine If…

Whatever it is, give it a go, this is where you will discover yourself and hidden talents.  Eventually you allow your true self to be more exposed.  How will you ever really know your full potential if you never allow yourself to step outside the box, push through fear and see what you are capable of?  Imagine if you did something you have never done, at least once a week, or once a month?  You might just find out that you are amazing at something that you never thought of in a million years! And that one thing might just make you so happy, that it turns your whole world around and you could wake up every day feeling wonderful, happy and with a sense of purpose.

Feeling a sense of purpose – like we are worthy of being here on earth – is what makes us tick.  So many people spend their days and nights doing the exact same thing and even make excuses for their same mundane pitiful life. Like having to work the next day… um So??

Don’t we all? Who cares!  I would rather say Yes to new experiences even if it is the night before work the next day, because how do you know whether those experiences could lead to a new career for you?

What if you ran into someone who offered you an amazing job while you were out that night?  If you say No all the time, you are saying No to Life.  It’s like the age old excuse of, I can’t afford it.

Well, welcome to everyones’ world. We have all either in the past or present not been able to afford things. But seriously, this is another issue we need to let go of.

What’s Your Belief System?

Do you have a belief system where we never have enough money, or enough possessions, or that someone else has more than us. Serious?

The same law applies with money, let it go and it will flow.  If you spend your money like you are not hanging onto it with dear life, where you are happy to sometimes pay for people or book a few nights away to spend quality time with your family, the Universe sees that your intention behind it is a good intention.   It’s the intention of evolving your family by giving them your time without fear of a lack of money.

Therefore the Universe will support you with abundance.  Try it, give it a go.  You will suddenly find that the amount of money you have spent will come back to you in another way.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know how it will – just trust and have faith that it will.

A tip about money abundance – the money will only come back to you and some if your intention behind what your doing/achieving is for the greater good of yourself, your family or the world.

So this doesn’t mean for you to go and draw all your money out of the bank and gamble at the casino like a mad person, then lose all your money because you think it will be replaced tomorrow!

No, it’s more about the fun you are having, the moments you are creating, the joy you are bringing to lives around you, including yourself. You must trust and have complete faith that all is well with your financial situation, because the minute you give your money situation total fear that you are going to be broke and have nothing and always struggle, that is when you actually attract that into your life.

What Creativity is Really About…

Creativity isn’t just about painting or art, it is actually about being and feeling joyful and feeling happy.  Ultimately when you are happy, the Universe is happy for you, so they support you even more and then everything in your life falls into place.  If you try to control every single moment and part of your life, then you are now allowing the flow of the Universe to happen for you and that’s when you will come across hard times.  The only way the Universe can teach you to snap out of these moments where you basically ignore their signs and guidance is to make something happen that will make you ‘stop’ and take notice of what’s happening in your life and unfortunately it’s mostly hard horrible things that happen to us to make us ‘stand up’, ‘take notice’, things like accidents, disease, illness, losses, financial hardship, etc.  Again the list goes on.

But when these hard these happen, you do make a change right, you adjust yourself and your life for the hard things that have just happened.  The Universe now has your attention, and maybe just maybe this is where you book yourself in to do something you have never done before to change your life, like exercise, eating healthy, visiting family more, drawing, writing in a journal.. Ah get it, now the Universe can see you are learning to use your creativity to bring yourself and abundant happy life.

How Do I Become Creative?

Remember to bring in the fresh new, we have to get rid of the old.  It’s like food going off in the fridge, leave it there and your fridge will get worse and stink and you will get sick if you eat the old food, buy fresh new food and your fridge will look amazing, smell amazing and you will feel great eating the new fresh food.  It’s the same with every single thing in our life, get rid of the old excuses and bullshit reasons as to why you can’t do something new and just have a go.

Bring in the new fresh ideas where you will actually enjoy yourself, have fun, love it, make new friends, learn something, know yourself better and all of a sudden your life is starting to feel fantastic and great.

Would you like to get more creative and manifest abundance in your life?

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