Do you know most of us spend our whole life using our subconscious mind?

That’s the part of our mind that was programmed at birth from our parents DNA. What ever impressions are made upon our subconscious mind even as a child are held & stored here.

They become our life, our beliefs. Staying in the subconscious mind is easy, it’s comfortable. But it can also hold us in poverty pain & suffering.

Why are we happy to stay in a state that we think is better & more comfortable, but the daily end result is pain suffering or unhappiness?

Did you know that you can start using your Conscious mind daily to create & start living your goals & dreams?

This is the part of the mind that we think isn’t real or couldn’t be possible, but it actually was proven in real physics by Albert Einstein that everything is just energy.

In other words, do you use your Intuitive mind? Do you daydream, see visions, goals, pictures & see yourself achieving or living in a certain way? Do you allow yourself to be creative with what you love to do?

Do you make time to do something you love? Do you meditate & stop & give yourself a minute to feel what your conscious mind would vibrate & see?

If not, you need to start! This is the part of the mind that allows your goals dreams to come into reality. To live it for real here on earth.

For some reason we don’t want to do this because it’s too hard, it’s too much work, it takes effort, it takes drive, it takes facing fears, it takes determination, it takes action, it takes self help & self love. It is also taking risks, risks on something we can’t see in the physical form, but we feel the energy of it being there waiting for us! We see the vision of it in our mind all the time.

But did you know if we took the risk, stepped through fear, did the hard work on ourselves, you are creating happiness, self love, abundance in all areas of your life, relationships, money, love, career, family, friends, doing something you love & for some reason we prefer to stay in subconscious blocked & suffering. But if we just took that risk that chance & listened to our conscious mind our intuition, we could be facing complete happiness.

I find it strange that we are willing to suffer in poverty & fear & so on, to be comfortable, but we are not willing to suffer a bit of hard work, self help, overcoming fears first to bring riches & happiness to our life long term.
By riches I mean in all avenues of your life ❤

What are you going to choose to do?

Live in the subconscious mind & settle or
Start learning how to use your conscious mind at a higher vibration & live your dreams?

I am sending you the strength to choose wisely because you deserve it. 💜💜💜

Much love & abundance