Hi and welcome,

My name is Julie Latcham (Jules). I am a yoga instructor who runs guided meditations, as well as a personal trainer, Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils, medical intuition practitioner and psychic medium.

My mission is to help people find their passion and purpose in life, using inspirational tools to help bring joy, happiness and abundance in your daily life. I love helping people find their creativity, joy and abundance through my yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Come and join me on this journey as I help you focus on a happy, joyous, positive and fun life.

I tend to conduct a lot of personal one-on-one or small group appointments, which I absolutely love as I can connect on a deeper, more personal level with people, so feel free to contact me to make a time on a day that suits you for a personal or small group booking, either business or personal. I am also completely happy to conduct large group or corporate appointments as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to make a booking here.

If you haven’t seen my free 7 day Manifesting Abundance Program yet, check it out here!

Namaste, Jules x

“Yoga is the Union of the Individual Soul with the Absolute or Divine Soul.”

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“Yoga also means the unification of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a human being.”

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